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Contoh Soal Explantion Text

Complete the sentences. Use the words in parentheses. Use simple present tense. Pay special attention to singular and plural and to the spelling of final -s/-es.
1.    The students (ask, often) often ask questions in class.
2.    Pablo (study, usually) _____________ at the library every evening.
3.    Olga (bite) ___________ her fingernails when she is nervous.
4.    Dona (cash) ___________ a check at the bank once a week.
5.    Sometimes I (worry) ___________ about my grades at school. Sonya (worry, not) ___________ about her grades. She (study) ___________ hard.
6.    Ms. Jones and Mr. Anderson (teach) ___________ at the local high school.
Ms. Jones (teach) ___________ math.
1.    Birds (fly) ___________ . They (have) ___________ wings.
2.    A bird (fly) ___________. It (have) ___________ wings.
3.    Jason (do, always) ___________ his homework. He (go, not) ___________ to bed until his homework is finished.
10.  Mr. Cook (say, always) his homework is finished hello to his neighbor in the morning.
11.  Rima (pay, always) ___________ attention in class. She (answer) ___________ questions. She (listen) ___________ to the teacher. She (ask) ___________ questions.
12.  Sam (enjoy) ___________ cooking. He (try, often) ___________ new recipes. He (like) ___________ to have company for dinner. He (invite) ___________ me to dinner once a month. When I arrive, I (go) ___________ to the kitchen and (watch) ___________ him cook. He usually (have) ___________ three or four pots on the stove. He (watch) ___________ the pots carefully. He (make) ___________ a big mess in the kitchen when he cooks. After dinner, he (wash) ___________ all the dishes and (clean) ___________ the kitchen. I (cook, never) ___________. It (be) ___________ too much trouble. But my friend Sam (love) ___________ to cook.

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